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As a Cleaning Company, we want to make sure our services promote your health status. We use hospital certified cleaning products specialized for disinfection, and virus prevention and spread.

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From small local offices to government facilities, multi-location medical facilities to shopping centers, we tend to your every need with customized deep cleaning sanitation and disinfection services. We use eco-friendly products to reduce carbon footprint while still offering high-quality jobs.

As a fully insured and bonded cleaning company, we guarantee your complete satisfaction, and the best results the first time around. Look no further and contact us today!


Cleaning & Sanitation

To successfully disinfect an area or surface the first step is to make sure it’s clean. The initial cleaning is done with water and soap, this helps remove impurities and dirt from the surface and it also removes some of the germs. There are certain areas, which are high contact areas, that have to be cleaned on a constant basis i.e. tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks. Once we conclude the routine cleaning, we move on to the disinfection and sanitation.

We use EPA-registered disinfectant and make sure our highly trained staff follows all necessary safety measures such as: wearing skin protection, eye protection for potential splash hazards, and
ensure to have adequate ventilation.

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Building or Facility Disinfection

We take all required safety measures for proper disinfection, and to avoid being a hazard to those who interact with the areas we are disinfecting. We clean and disinfect all high contact and shared areas used such as offices, bathrooms, common areas, office desks, as well as the shared electronic equipment i.e. keyboards, remote controls, or even ATM machines. Maintaining your routine cleaning and disinfection is key to avoid virus spreads.


Outdoor Areas Disinfection

Outdoor areas, like playgrounds in schools and or common areas in offices, generally require normal routine cleaning but do not require disinfection. This, however, does not apply to high touch surfaces made of plastic or metal, such as grab bars and railings, these areas on the other hand should be cleaned and disinfected on a consistent basis.

Bethel Cleaning Service

Is perceived as a main provider of office cleaning, window cleaning and floor cleaning since we utilize just the most skilled janitors and cleaning experts.

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