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Construction and remodeling are big projects that produce tons of dust and debris. Any home improvement project, commercial remodeling, or new construction needs to be followed by a professional post-construction cleaning service. The reason is that construction cleaning isn’t a light process. You need the skill set and proper equipment to do it efficiently without damaging the property.

Bethel Cleaning Services provides commercial, residential, and industrial properties with reliable post construction cleaning in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We want to ensure your final construction or remodeling project looks the way you really want to. Our construction cleaning services are meant to be convenient and tailored to your specific needs. Get quality cleaning and call us today!


Efficient Post-Construction Cleaning

Our team of professional cleaning experts will make sure the construction or remodeling site is clear of trash, dust, and debris after the project is done. When you call Bethel Cleaning Services, you can rest assured that all the construction debris will be properly cleaned from your commercial, residential or industrial property.

Commercial Post-Construction Cleanup

Your commercial property needs to look its best to give a good impression to your customers. We provide top-of-the-line post-construction cleaning solutions to help you maintain the professional look your business needs.

Residential Post-Construction Cleanup

Remodeling a home is a huge and exciting project. However, cleaning all the post-construction debris is a hassle and takes too long. If you’re in a home improvement project, you can rely on our services to keep your property debris-free.


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Once the construction or remodeling project is done, we’ll make sure the property is ready for you. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your property is clean, inviting, and comfortable for you, your customers, and staff. We’ll dust, sweep, vacuum, and mop from the floor to the ceiling until everything is nice and clean.

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