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As a Cleaning Company, we want to make sure our services promote your health status. We use hospital certified cleaning products specialized for disinfection, and virus prevention and spread.

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Covid Cleanup Checklist

Covid Cleanup Checklist

Routine Covid Cleanup Checklist: From Cleaning Experts in Dallas

Cleaning is one of the main safety measures for covid-19 prevention. As a professional cleaning company in Dallas, we follow a rigorous process when executing disinfecting cleanups. We know that it is also essential to keep a routine cleaning protocol in our homes during these times.

Do you count on a covid cleanup checklist already? If you don’t, we have curated one you can follow with the best and essential practices for keeping your home free from viruses. This way, you and your loved ones will be safe.

Before you start your covid cleanup, make sure you are keeping yourself clean. We need to wash our hands at all times. Doing it before, during, and after your daily covid cleanup routine will reduce any risk exponentially. 

TIP: It’s normal to feel our hands starting to feel a little dry due to all of the soap and cleaning products. After you wash your hands, try to use gloves to protect your hands and apply a hand lotion or moisturizer to prevent your hands from drying too much.

1.Wash Dirty Clothes Right Away

When you take trips in Dallas to the grocery store, pharmacy, or anywhere else to meet other needs, we recommend washing your clothes as soon as you return home. Your dirty clothes have to go straight to laundry, trying not to mix them with any other at-home clothes. 

TIP:  If you can’t wash your clothes right away every time you come home, try keeping all the laundry in a separate basket so that when you pass them, you avoid mixing them.

2.Remove all Dust, Stains & Grime

An essential part of a covid cleanup is disinfection to keep your home free from viruses. The most common advice you will read regarding disinfecting cleaning is to execute a routine cleaning before disinfection.

Removing dirt and grime from all surfaces will make sure the disinfectant you apply later is effective. Dust and other contaminants like stains can block the product from eliminating germs and viruses from the surface you use it on. Additionally, your home will also be free from allergens. Make sure dirt is gone before you disinfect!

TIP: Whipping surfaces daily for at least 20 minutes and cleaning any stains right away will significantly decrease the cleaning load when you do your covid cleanup routine.

3.Focus on High-Touch or Transited Areas

Cleaning was already vital to constantly do, but now it is even more. With more of us Dallas residents cleaning regularly, there is increased use and demand for cleaning products.

To make efficient use of cleaning resources and avoid producing excessive waste, focus your covid cleanup on high-touch or trafficked areas in your home, including floors, doorknobs, toilets, tables, chairs, light, and water fixtures, etc.

TIP: If you have any pets, kids, or elders at home, you can opt for more eco-friendly cleaning products. If you want to learn more about them, read our guide to eco-friendly cleaning products here.


At last, you can finally disinfect the areas you just cleaned with surface disinfectants. There is a wide array of disinfectants out there. However, the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) suggests using EPA-approved disinfectants and provides a list of all options. You can check it out here and purchase them at your nearest stores and markets in Dallas.

TIP: Depending on the product’s directions, leaving the surface you are sanitizing wet with disinfectant for a while will improve the effect.

Covid Cleanup Dallas: We Have the Best Disinfection Services

All of our tips and advice come from years of experience in the cleaning industry while maintaining eco-friendly and safety standards. We are continuously trying to do the best for every one of our client’s health in Dallas and surrounding areas.

We offer other cleaning services you can rely upon for a deeper clean on your home or business. They range from general maintenance to disinfection and sanitization. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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